The Art of Moving


Generally, I don’t have a hard time packing. When I moved from Atlanta to Edmond 5 years ago, it was clothes go in this tub, keepsakes in this tub, ending with Now where do we put the cello? Then of course there were the many moves from dorm room to dorm room, and from apartment to apartment, then apartment again once Will and I were married. In each of those instances I remember moving being an easy transition that didn’t give me a lot of anxiety or dread upon walking into wherever I was currently living.

But this move is different. For one thing, there are two of us to move, not just me, meaning there are way more possessions to sort through which has proven to be an interesting battle. I’m sentimental about some things, like my Beatles glasses and my little brother’s old baseball shirts or my Thin Man poster. I also have what I’ve affectionately labeled “The Will Box”, which includes nearly every keepsake that Will gave me before we were dating, while we were dating, and of course during our marriage (feel free to feel sick to your stomach). Will on the other hand is sentimental about everything he owns, like a wig he used for a costume and may need to use again someday, or every T-shirt he’s worn since the 6th grade because, somehow, each one holds a special amount of significance that only he understands.

The other moving difficulty I’ve taken issue with is that of simply starting too many things at once. I’ll wake up one morning with every intention of clearing out parts of the closet, yet two hours later I’ve somehow ended up in the living room organizing papers and creating junk vs. donation piles. Poor Will witnessed the worst of it when he came home for his lunch break a few days ago. He even struggled with opening the front door because of the piles of heavy bags stacked up against it. He squeezed through and there I was – trapped in the middle of the living room, surrounded by tubs, packing paper, Clorox wipes and who knows what else, with no way out. It was only then that I saw the mess I had created as I watched Will slowly scan the rest of the apartment. All he had to say was, “So… How’s the cleaning going?”, and I turned into a tiny overwhelmed child.

The moving process has been going a little bit smoother since that day, thankfully. We’ve sold a lot of furniture, and more is being sent out this week. On Thursday we’ll be saying goodbye to our sectional, kitchen shelf, and our washer and dryer. The place will be mostly empty after that, aside from the actual packing that we’ll begin working on pretty busily now that we only have a couple of weeks left in the apartment. Then it’s off to the in-laws for the remainder of our time here in Oklahoma. (Lucky you, Koois!)

Continue to pray for us these next couple of weeks as we move, say goodbye to friends and family and continue to fundraise. We have raised 40% so far (whoo!) which leaves us with 60% still to raise. If you think you can help us in any way, please contact us for more information. Also be praying for us as the time gets closer for us to start speaking German…all the time.


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Vienna-based American wife/mom/expat.

2 thoughts on “The Art of Moving

  1. Lucky us indeed!!! You definitely have Will figured out. No further comment needed. But you may borrow our snow shovel (scoops up large amounts all at once).

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