We Live Somewhere Now

WohnzimmerThis, ladies and gentlemen, Herren und Damen, is our new apartment. She’s a beauty, if I do say so myself. It was a long time coming, for sure, complete with many frustrations, culture shocks and false starts. But we finally live somewhere at last, and we couldn’t be happier.


Our street

We live on Molkereistraße, which is an awesome name that happens to mean “Dairy Road”. The location (which is very important to me) could not be better for a young couple like us. We live a three minute walk away from the enormous Prater park, the Wurstelprater amusement park and an U-Bahn station. We live an eight minute walk away from Praterstern, a major train station and artery through the city. And we live a 15 minute walk (or five minute bike ride) from Vienna’s old 1st District, where pretty much anything of importance is located. We have restaurants, cafes and gelato stands steps away. In the evenings, we’ve taken to riding bikes along the Prater’s Hauptallee (main avenue) or strolling through the amusement park and people-watching.


Riding in the Prater

The apartment itself isn’t much; in fact it’s smaller than our apartment in Edmond. However it’s comfortable with a great view and the kitchen is enormous. The apartment looks especially good with the menagerie of IKEA furniture in every room.

Yeah, 95% of our furniture, decorations and kitchen stuff is from IKEA, 4% is stuff we brought with us, and 1% is Holly’s vase she bought at a thrift store. IKEA, love it or hate it, is simply the cheapest and most convenient option for apartment-dwellers on a limited budget here in Vienna. We’ve visited that Swedish wonderland at least eight times the past three weeks, and I know we still have one or two visits to go. I think the term “Stockholm Syndrome” is extremely applicable here.


Leftovers from endless IKEA trips

However, despite our stomachs not being able to handle yet another IKEA hot dog as our entire meal, we’ve been extremely grateful to more than a few members of the church who have helped us move furniture and belongings all over Vienna, on more than a couple occasions. The church has stepped up to help many times, and each person is quickly becoming our friend.

Other than moving, our main focus is now German class. We’ve been attending over three weeks now – three hours a day, five days a week. It’s tough and intensive but so, so worth it. We are already seeing results as we interact with people around town. We’ll talk more about our classes in our next post.

The Keys

Look how happy we are

Our newest newsletter will be coming out the end of this month. If you aren’t subscribed, leave a comment below or email me at willkooi0@gmail.com. And lastly, thanks for all your prayers and encouragement for our apartment search. They obviously payed off!




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7 thoughts on “We Live Somewhere Now

  1. So the Austrian’s don’t tote their kitchen cabinets with them from place to place? I guess that is just a German thing. Either way, I am glad you are settling into your own space. There is nothing like having a place to call home when you are in the field. Keep up the good work!

    • Actually they typically do and we were warned beforehand that that would be probably be the case. We saw a couple apartments that were like that – the previous owners took everything, literally even the kitchen sink (a-thank you). Luckily this one had everything intact and was actually one of the nicer kitchens we saw.

      I think it has a lot to do with the owner. Ours had this one installed himself to attract renters. And it worked!

  2. I’m so jealous!! I’m glad you guys are having a good time. I’d like to read your newsletters if you’ll add me to the list. Good luck with all your Austrian adventures!

  3. Good to see you guys are settled in. Your place looks great. Good luck with your language studies. Pat & Carla

  4. Will and Holly, great to see that you are getting settled. Joyce thinks your apartment is about as cool as you could hope for in Vienna. The location is ideal. We are grateful you are becoming so useful for the team. Love and miss you.

  5. Enjoyed seeing the baptism yesterday at second worship. I hope your language study is going well. German is such a difficult language. I once could read it but never could make the sounds.. We continue to pray for you as you get settled.

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