Inside EKC


Six EKC’s down, six more to go. These past weeks, we have fallen in love with this time spent with kids who want to play and learn English. As you know, our theme for the semester is “All About Me”. When Holly, Kim, Amanda and I sat down to brainstorm for a theme back in the summer, we all agreed that the best way to learn a new language is to speak it as much as possible. So, we wanted a theme that would get the kids talking for the entirety of each EKC session. What better way to get kids talking than getting them to talk about themselves?


Each EKC session follows a simple schedule. First, Jake gathers the kids together for a few minutes of songs. This helps to get the kids out of playground mode and into class mode. Following songs, we introduce vocabulary words. Sometimes we do this by using a Word Wall, or we use puppets (a big hit). After the vocabulary is introduced and each child has used one of the words in a complete sentence, we divide the kids into 3 groups for stations, including crafts, games and snacks.

To demonstrate a typical EKC:


Our latest EKC was about clothing. We started the kids off with a funny puppet show with the puppets wearing different clothes and naming them all in English. We then had a game where the kids were given a list of clothes and had to race to put on their specific pieces from a huge pile. We then split into stations, where they drew clothes on a self-portrait, made a snack while having to answer questions like “What are you wearing?” or “What color is your shirt?”, and played Simon Says with regards to clothing. Each week and theme are different but largely follow the same pattern.


We’re very happy with all the kids and they seem to love it as well. Not only do we have kids from the church involved, but many children from the neighboring school and neighborhood come. In fact, we recently had a man walk by with his son while one of the programs were going on. He stepped in, asked what was happening, and asked his son if he’d like to go. The next week, he was there having a blast. We’ve been so glad to see him come these last couple of weeks.

Pretty soon, we’ll start planning for the spring semester. As this semester winds down, please continue to pray about our program and the kids involved. We appreciate it!


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