Some Prayers And Some Updates

We’re asking all of our blog followers to pray for two women in our church this week. First, for Daniela. Many of you know that she has breast cancer and had an operation a couple of weeks ago. This morning she started her first round of chemotherapy. This will go on regularly until October. Pray for her health and her courage, and for her two sons and mother who all live with her.

Also, many of you may have seen my post on Facebook about June, the elderly woman who was moved to a nursing home last week at last. We are glad that a place opened up for her, definitely an answered prayer. Now we are just praying that she can get used to her new place, that she can get a room with her husband soon (who is in the same nursing home), and that some homes for her cats she left behind can be found.

Another quick update – this weekend our church hosted a parenting seminar for the community and the other churches in Vienna. It was a big success with about 10 couples participating. Don and Cindy Roehrkasse, missionaries in Hildesheim, Germany, came down for the 2nd year in a row to lead the seminar. Holly and I spent the entire weekend babysitting 15 kids, which, trust me, is even more tiring than it sounds. But it was a great weekend and, we hope, a blessing to all the parents who participated.

We only have two English Kids Clubs left, and then an end-of-the-year party. We’re very excited and happy that this year was so successful. We’re also happy that we were able to be here to see the end of the semester. Please add a prayer of thanksgiving for this successful year, and think of all of us as we transition to the summer.


Thinking of You

Family, friends, supporters in Oklahoma:

Our continuous prayers are with you. We’ve been keeping up with all that has happened since last night and will continue to do so. Know that we love you and are here for you, and are praying that the weather calms and ceases. Know that not only people from Austria, but people in countries all over the world are lifting you up and covering you in prayer. A favorite verse that keeps coming to mind is one that we have memorized in both English and German. It is one we have said to ourselves in the midst of hardship, and as short as it may be, I hope that its words bring you relief, hope, comfort, strength, and peace. It comes from Job (Hiob) 38:18, when God answers Job from “out of the storm”:

“Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the Earth?” (“Hast du den Überblick über die ganze Weite der Erde?”)

The expanses of the Earth are unimaginable, and the size of the Lord who created this Earth is indescribable. Just as God answered Job out of the storm, so will He answer Oklahoma out of this one. Love you all.