Summer Plans

Because it's been awhile since Tobias made an appearance.

Because it’s been awhile since Tobias made an appearance.

This time last year, we were spending each and every morning of the work week in an old, hot classroom for 3 hours at a time soaking up all of the German we could manage from the best German teacher we could’ve ever asked for. Now we’re German class free (though we miss it a lot!) and looking for things to do that could best benefit the church as well as our fall and spring programs for the coming year while we’re here for the summer. This summer feels especially odd to us because we’re, well, alone. Not alone-alone, as quite a few of our Austrian friends are still around on and off depending on who’s taken a holiday; but as far as our work is concerned, it’s just us holding down the fort. Frightening stuff, I know. The Hensals left for the U.S. on July 5th, followed a little over a week later by the Haskews and the Rybinskis (both on furlough). The Rybinskis will be back with us shortly, and the Haskews will return later on this month which gives us plenty of time to paint the office walls hot pink and trade in all of the sofas for giant beanbags. (<– Joke)

While our friends and co-workers are away, we’re going to continue working in the office as usual but will be focusing more on organization, rearranging, and hopefully if all of my dreams come true, a deep cleaning of Jake’s desk, as well as some other spots in the office that I hear calling out for help. Most of the EKC and SKC plans for the fall have been made and are ready to launch, but we will spend time looking over those plans to see if and where improvements need to be made. We are continuing our English For Adults class through the summer, though these classes will be more sporadic depending on the summer schedules of those who attend. And we’re excited to say that we’ve added two more people who are interested in learning English!

As was said in our last video blog, it is our goal to make more video blogs about our life and work in Vienna so that you are able to see firsthand what’re up to. Will takes video on a daily basis and already has ideas for our next few video blogs, so stay tuned! We will work on getting these up throughout the summer so you can be brought into the fall semester right along with us. I do believe our next video blog is going to take you on a tour of our apartment, and the one after that, I think, we’ll be mostly in German with English subtitles, just for fun. We will of course continue to write to you more in depth from GutenMorgenWien about our summer activities and new experiences, so keep checking back with us for more updates. We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer, and we are thankful for each and every one of you!


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6 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. very inspiring reading,was praying for vienna saturday,been put on my heart,one day i hope to visit,blessings love vicki(hm)

    • Wow, thank you Vicki! And thank you for praying over this city. Tamika and I would absolutely love it if you came to visit. We would have so many great things to talk about. Can’t wait for HM to start! Blessings to you.

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