Encouraged, Energized, and Ready for More

Spent a fun night at a ropes course and dinner with Thomas and new friend Megan

Spent a fun night at a ropes course and dinner with Thomas and new friend Megan

Where did the summer go? I feel like I blinked once in mid-July and now September is racing around the corner to greet me. The summer’s heat hung around much longer than we would have liked it to, so with that in mind we welcome September with open arms. However, the rapid disappearance of the summer months is a mystery. How were we supposed to accomplish that hot pink paint job in what felt like just a few days? It’s impossible! Oh well… Can’t do it all.

This summer is one for the books. If I could frame each moment in which I felt immense joy, beginning from Kinderlager until now, our apartment walls would be filled with pictures from floor to ceiling. This summer has been solely focused on people – relationships – friendships. We’ve become friends with families we at first only knew from a distance. Friendships we’ve had for the last year and friendships we’ve had for only a couple of months were deepened beyond what we expected. We experienced multiple meals and coffee talks that were completely centered around the works of Jesus in this city. We witnessed gifts and talents shine in different ways each week – some through hospitality, leadership, service, kindness, encouragement. We’re grateful and indescribably thankful to have been a part of these months of growth and good works.

Mornings in the office with Hermine

Mornings in the office with Hermine

We welcome back the Haskew family this week! They arrived in Vienna yesterday, safe and sound, greeted with a fabulous welcoming committee. Unfortunately my wand of organization magic never made it over to Jake’s desk, but I’m sure he’s more than okay with that. I’m still working on a few things in the office but for the most part I accomplished my bigger goals. Will and I are hard at work this week as we prepare for our September programs as well as for family. My parents are visiting us for the first time in Vienna! They get in on Saturday morning, followed by Will’s mom who gets in on Sunday. We’re starting the fall off right!

We’re still consistently praying over English Kids Club and would love your prayers over it as well. As you know we graduated the majority of our group in the spring and are now trying to boost our numbers back up by our start date on September 17th. Pray that God will send some kids our way!

We babysat Zoe and this picture happened

We babysat Zoe and this picture happened


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