Video Blog 3

Our newest video includes highlights from the summer.


About Holly

Vienna-based American wife/mom/expat.

2 thoughts on “Video Blog 3

  1. Dear Holly and Will,

    I SO enjoyed video – plus the two previous ones! Thank you for making these so *”lebendig”* – very well done!! It appears that things are coming together for you quite well. I know you are very excited about the elders and the Jones coming to see you and the Haskews this fall. But first, we are excited that your parents will be there tis week – maybe ALREADY!! Yea!!!

    Love you both, “Queenie and Clydesdale” (codes names that you’ll have to figure out who they are) [?] (That’s like an Aggie joke, isn’t it!!! )

  2. Thank you Clyde and Queenie! We are SO excited for all of the visitors this fall. We love visitors! My parents get in on Saturday and Mendy gets in on Sunday. It’s a miniature family reunion. Already got some fun plans made!

    Love you!

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