Töchter des Königs der Könige

Sometimes God speaks to us through people, sometimes we hear God through the same idea or words in our minds over and over again, sometimes He speaks loudly to us through His Word, and sometimes He impresses a need upon our hearts continuously until that need is finally acknowledged. What began in the summer as a subtle knock on the hearts of women on both sides of the river is now growing into a beautiful, Kingdom-led ministry opportunity. God has spoken to so many women in all of these different ways and we hear Him saying, “Now is the time, daughters! Act now.” So we are. We are listening, we are following, and we are doing.

(Logo design: Tamika Rybinski) Daughters of the King of Kings: Coming alongside one another in love and growing together in Christ.

(Logo design: Tamika Rybinski) Daughters of the King of Kings: Coming alongside one another in love and growing together in Christ.

A new women’s ministry, “Töchter des Königs der Könige” (Daughters of the King of Kings), will host its first bible study on Wednesday – the official kickoff to get us pumped up and encouraged. We will be joined by women from Women for Eastern European Missions who have just wrapped up their book tour through Ukraine with women’s devotional book author, Dana Grubb. Dana Grubb is the author behind “Changed by Jesus: Lessons Learned from Women Jesus Touched” – our study material for the upcoming months, which W.E.E.M. has generously given to us free of charge. These wonderful women will start us off with a mini-study in which we will talk about amazing biblical women like Hannah, Abigail, and Mary Magdalene.

Following this kickoff, we will all take our new study materials home and study at our own individual paces for the next month. Following this month of study, we will come back together for another night of Töchter des Königs der Könige, but this time to talk about what we’ve learned over the last month. We’ll eat together, listen to one another, and cheer one another on in our individual battles against darkness. This will be the regular routine of the ministry unless God takes it in a different direction. God is in charge and holds the reigns of this ministry, and He will mold, shape, and grow it as He sees most beneficial to His Kingdom. We feel God telling us, showing us, how much we need each other, and how important it is to be there for one another as a friend, a sister, and a daughter of the King of Kings.


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Vienna-based American wife/mom/expat.

2 thoughts on “Töchter des Königs der Könige

  1. Dear Holly & Christian Sisters,

    How exciting this news is! I have been in prayer for this special group of women who are coming to Vienna. I have also worked with them sewing quilts & bags for the women in Ukraine & Vienna. So, this WEEM ministry is very near & dear to my heart. I can’t wait to hear the stories of how God worked through each of them as they ministered to these women.

    Just when I thought the sewing projects were on vacation until after Christmas, our homechurch had an opportunity to minister to women in Peru. Two of our women will be going there in 3 weeks. One of these women has never been out of the US & it will be her first mission trip. I am unable to go due to a prior commitment, but we are making bags for the women in Peru, as well as special pillow cases with Scripture on them for the missionary children. Our church has a mentoring mom evening once a month & this month the women will be giving their time to work on the items going to Peru. Quite a contrast from last month when the 4 of us patina moms washed & massaged the young mom’s feet & gave them back massages.

    We constantly marvel at the amazing opportunities that God is providing us to reach out to women both here at home & on the other side of the world. It has definitely become a “small world.”

    So, praying the “Daughters of the King of Kings” study will be a blessing to all who participate & that it will draw the Sisters there together & that you all will feel God’s warm embrace as you’ve never felt it before. I know it will be a great encouragement to be able to be in the Word together with women from both sides of the river.

    Sure do love & miss you all,

    In the Spirit of His Love,


    PS. Give those TX women a hug from me. What a great work they are doing!

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