KFA: The Irish Edition

Will, Jo and me at the park in front of Hofburg Palace.

Will, Jo and me at the park in front of Hofburg Palace.

Last November while we were at Rothenburg, we struck up a deal with our Ireland-based missionary friends to bring their crafty selves to Vienna and host one of our Kreativer Frauenabends (KFA, Creative Women’s Night) which took place over the weekend. Jo and Denise, both extremely creative and talented women who serve on the mission field in Dublin, Ireland, flew to Vienna Friday evening and left early this morning, giving us the whole weekend to spend quality with them. Will and I took Jo around Vienna most of Saturday morning and afternoon. Because Jo considers herself to be a “terrible tourist”, we spent most of our time together walking through or sitting in parks by Vienna’s famous palaces – not a bad way to experience Vienna by any means. We had the best time swapping ministry stories and dreams as well as ministry struggles and questions. And the weather was absolutely gorgeous adding to the Viennese atmosphere and the all-around great time we had together.

My nursery hoop art "Oh Happy Day". I can see why people enjoy sewing I guess... ;-)

My nursery hoop art “Oh Happy Day”. I can see why people enjoy sewing I guess… 😉

Jo and Denise hosted KFA on Saturday evening and did such an incredible job. The chosen craft was embroidery hoop art and all of the ladies got really into it, so much so that we spent 4 hours in the office together sewing, chatting and taking frequent Velveeta & Rotel breaks. Jo and Denise brought some examples to get everyone brainstorming about what they wanted to create and ultimately everyone did something completely different but family specific. For example, one woman’s hoop art was a representation of the meaning behind her family’s last name while another’s hoop art was for her children. Mine was created specifically with our new nursery in mind. It was awesome to see so much varied creativity all geared toward the same theme. Ah, beautiful.

Unfortunately because I was concentrated on not ruining my hoop art, and because I have a tendency to talk too much, I forgot to take pictures of us all sewing together. Just picture women laughing, snacking and asking for help (me, constantly) surrounded by tables full of colored thread and pretty fabric and you’ve got our evening. I wish we could do this every weekend (Whoops, I think Will just fainted from shock)! But if and when I get ahold of the pictures the other ladies took of KFA, I’ll be sure to share them.

Though this weekend was centered around having fun and sharing creativity, what I believe to have been further demonstrated is the beauty and blessing that can only be encapsulated in having a family in Christ; the kind of family who, even when we don’t see each other for months and months at a time, we know we can call upon one and another for encouragement, love and advice; the kind of family who, even if they live countries or oceans away, we can ask to bring their talents and abilities to a community who could benefit from what they have to offer. What a family we have in Jesus!

Eating gelato, of course!

Eating gelato, of course!


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