Updates On Baby And Permit

A question I didn’t include in last week’s FAQ post but has been asked probably more times than the others is:

How’s baby Elliott?

I didn’t add it to last week’s list because, though I assumed he was doing well, I wanted to hear those words from a doctor before writing about him. Now I have that answer, and it is – Elliott’s doing great! After over 2 months of waiting for an appointment, I was finally able to see someone this morning over at the new Mercy Clinic (which is very snazzy-looking). This appointment was mainly for me to get my glucose test taken care of – a totally gross, sugary experience – but it was also a chance for Will and me to meet our potential new doctor in the case that we are here to stay to have Elliott. I was admittedly nervous about meeting this doctor in the first place, simply because I didn’t have any time to get recommendations or do much research on doctors in Oklahoma City. Plus, this was my first baby-related appointment in the U.S. and I wasn’t sure what to expect other than I probably wouldn’t get an ultrasound – something that is done at every single appointment in Austria. But I knew God had led us to this clinic and this doctor as soon as we met the staff. We connected right away with the nurse whose daughter has done mission work in Wales and is looking to do more in the Philippines. Then, upon showing the doctor my all-German records, she said she had seen these kinds of records before and recognized and understood most everything as she sees many Austrians who work for Tinker. We’re a perfect match.

The overall experience was wonderful and filled Will and me with great peace. We explained our work permit situation to the doctor who said that if we do have to stay, she’d get us fixed up without any problems. We’ll be able to ease right in as if we were with her practice the whole time. As for me, my blood pressure, which hasn’t been taken since May, is totally fine. My glucose test has been sent off to the lab and we should hear back about that next week. And as for Elliott, he’s been measured and given a thumbs-up. He gave me a pretty good jab in the ribs a few minutes ago, so, he’s letting me know that he’s doing well, and also mad that he had to taste the glucose drink. Blech.

With the doctor’s confirmation that July 30th is the absolute last day I can fly, we did go ahead and schedule our next appointment for 2 weeks from now, ultrasound included. As we were getting that taken care of, the nurse told us the next available slot would be July 30th. Ha, of course. But we figured, if there’s anything that could lift our spirits after not being able to fly back on Austria that day, it’s seeing our baby boy on the ultrasound screen.

We unfortunately don’t have any real updates on the work permit at this time. We did hear from our lawyer a couple of days ago for the first time since May, and he gave us a very small update saying that “they” (those who are processing our permit) need more… [fill in the blank]. We’re not sure what they need other than “more” of something, but now we’re specifically praying that whatever is needed is easy to get and is the last piece of the puzzle. We’ve got 13 days to get this thing.


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3 thoughts on “Updates On Baby And Permit

  1. Read every word, and will pray you get your permit soon. Great report, thank you foo sending it. Believe it or not I have been holding off our own departure date until we see what happens with you. I think I would be a little upset if we left late Aug., and MY great grandson made his appearance in early Sept. So we might just be one big happy family??? Following the closing of this house.

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  2. Hey guys, good news about baby Elliott, and we are in prayer about the visa. Look forward to having you tomorrow afternoon.


    *From:* Guten Morgen Wien [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] *Sent:* Wednesday, July 16, 2014 3:50 PM *To:* clyde.antwine@oc.edu *Subject:* [New post] Updates On Baby And Permit

    Holly posted: “A question I didn’t include in last week’s FAQ post but has been asked probably more times than the others is: How’s baby Elliott? I didn’t add it to last week’s list because, though I assumed he was doing well, I wanted to hear those words from a d”

  3. As much as I really hope you get to come back and have baby Elliot here in Austria, I really hope Payton and I are not crossing airspace in opposite directions. We leave on the 30th and I really think it would be a bummer to miss you guys completely!

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