Just To Clarify…

Dearest Amazing Subscribers,

Please accept my (Holly) sincerest apologies! It didn’t occur to me until after we had already written and published the post that you would then receive an email alerting you to the new post but with no way of knowing how on earth to read our latest news. Had I remembered this fact, I would have changed the title to something much less deceiving, maybe to a title like “We Don’t Have The Permit Yet” or “We Have News But Not The Permit” or even “This Post Is Password Protected, I’ll Explain Why, Email Me For The Password”. Sigh… Can I play the baby brain card?

So, just to clarify, we do not yet have our permit. The reason the previous post, “We Have News”, is password protected unlike our other posts is because it’s much more detailed and contains somewhat sensitive information (nothing negative or scary, just official) that we’d like to keep private for now just for good measure. If you’re still interested in reading that post, please email me or Will and we’ll send you the magic password. You can find our emails listed under our contact information.

If you’d rather just have the short version of what “We Have News” says, here it is:

SHORT VERSION: We DO NOT yet have the work permit and therefore will not be boarding a plane anytime soon. We have plans to go back to Vienna in late fall if everything goes accordingly.

Again, for the long, detailed version of the post, or if you have any questions or concerns about our latest news, shoot us an email. And I apologize once again for any and all confusion caused! Thanks for sticking with us!


About Holly

Vienna-based American wife/mom/expat.

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