Legal At Last

We just wanted to update everyone with the knowledge that at long last, we are legally able to live and work in Austria. I travelled last week to Vienna on a whirlwind trip where I picked up my work permit, registered with Austrian social security, and signed my employment contract all in the span of a few short days. But with that done, I was able to fly back to OKC with the first peace of mind in this area we’ve really felt since first coming to Vienna almost 30 months ago. We are so thankful to God for having this process go relatively smoothly, despite the long wait. This is just more affirmation for us that he wants us in Austria.

There are still a few more steps. We’ve applied for Elliott’s passport and are currently waiting on it. When we go back to Vienna in a few months, Holly will have to pick up her permit (a simple process) and we will have to apply for one for Elliott (a little more complicated but should be straightforward seeing as we both have permits now). And then – we’re home free!

With that out of the way – praise God – our main focus now is fundraising. We are doing well but have a little ways to go. We would appreciate prayers and, if you are someone or know someone (or a church) who might be interested in partnering with us in our work, please contact me. Please direct anyone interested to our fundraising website at

Many thanks, and pray for us as we get ready to move back, this time for good and with a newborn baby in tow.